Gain control of
Essential Tremor.

If you have been diagnosed with Essential Tremor (ET) you have options beyond just medication. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a safe and proven medical treatment for Essential Tremor when medication alone is not effective. Unlike other surgical therapies, DBS is reversible, adjustable, and does not destroy tissue.

What is Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)?

DBS uses a small, surgically implanted device called a “stimulator” to send signals to a targeted portion of your brain. Electrical impulses interrupt the signals that cause essential tremor muscle movements. This can improve tremors on both sides of your body.

Why should you consider DBS?

Your symptoms have progressed.

  • Most likely, your tremor gradually appeared and has worsened over time. What started as involuntary shaking in your hands, head, and voice is now making simple tasks more difficult. 

Medication is not enough.

  • If you were prescribed medication upon diagnosis, you may notice that its effects are diminishing. Plus, 30-50% of essential tremor patients may not even respond to medical therapy.1

DBS is a proven and safe therapy.

  • Unlike other interventional therapies used to treat ET, DBS is reversible, adjustable and does not ablate or destroy tissue.

DBS delivers results.

Reduction in Tremor

According to research, patients who have undergone DBS exhibit 60%-90% improvement in tremor.1

Patient Satisfaction

98% of the more than 200,000 people who have had the DBS procedure would recommend it to others.2,3

Measured Results

Patients reported an average score of 10 out of 10 in overall satisfaction with ventral intermediate nucleus of the thalamus (VIM) - DBS treatment.4

Is DBS right for your Essential Tremor?

Answer a few quick questions about your ET journey to see if DBS might be an option for you.

Don’t miss your window of opportunity.

ET may only be a nuisance at this point. It might be something you treat with medication or other therapies. But, as your symptoms progress, there may be a time when you notice your medication becoming less effective. This is your window for DBS, which relies on acting during the window when medications begin to become less effective, but haven’t fully stopped working.1

Track how your ET symptoms progress, and how effective your medication is over time. Talk to your doctor or a DBS specialist when you're no longer able to control motor symptoms with only medications.

See how people like you are taking control of ET.

Hear from specialits who have seen encouraging results in people relying on DBS to help control Essential Tremor. And read the stories of people living with ET who have turned to DBS as an alternative to medication—and started to write new chapters in their life journeys.

Explore your DBS options for ET

We’ve spent over a decade adapting and innovating our DBS systems to help both you and your doctor customize a solution—so you can live life on your own terms.

Is DBS covered by insurance?

The FDA has approved DBS for the treatment of Essential Tremor. 

  • DBS should be covered by most major public and private health insurance companies
  • Prior authorization may be required before the procedure

Be sure to ask your doctor's office about input they might have that could help your discussions with your insurance company.

Find out more about disrupting ET disruptions.

We’ve compiled some resources to help you further explore DBS as a viable ET treatment option. Gain the vital information you need—from scientists, doctors, and people just like you—to make an informed decision for your journey with ET.

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