See what DBS can do for you

View our library of educational videos from top experts in the field of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), real people, and care partners. Find instructional videos to help you understand the procedure and how to easily use and maintain your Boston Scientific DBS System.

New to DBS

How DBS Works

A Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) system has 3 parts—a stimulator that delivers mild electrical pulses to specialized wires called leads placed precisely in the motor region of your brain, and an insulated wire that connects the two, known as an extension. Watch this short video and see how your DBS System works in your body.1

Is DBS Safe?

While there’s risk with every surgery, DBS isn’t a new therapy, and for some people living with Parkinson’s disease, DBS therapy is frequently a normal part of their treatment journey. Dr. Jens Volkmann, MD, PhD, Chairman and Professor of Neurology at University Clinic of Wurzburg in Germany  discusses the safety of Deep Brain Stimulation.

Real Experiences

Hear Suzanne’s story about her DBS journey and how she punched back at Parkinson’s. Browse other stories and videos from real people and their care partners and see their first-hand experiences with DBS.




Living with DBS

Introduction to Charging

We make it easy to recharge your Boston Scientific DBS System. Every week or two, place the lightweight, wireless charging collar over your shoulders and relax. You can recharge your system while watching TV, reading a book, or talking on the phone. Watch this short video for a demonstration on how to recharge your Boston Scientific DBS System.

Switching your system

If you have a Medtronic or Abbott device, you may be able to switch to a Boston Scientific DBS System at your next battery replacement. Hear Dr. Richard Bucholz discuss the benefits of switching to a Boston Scientific DBS System.


Making the switch

Over 10 years ago, Bill went through the DBS procedure with the only company offering the device at the time. His results were promising at first. When he noticed some of his symptoms returning, he decided to explore his options. He discovered he could switch to a Boston Scientific DBS System through an outpatient procedure. Watch his full story and hear his results.

Dive deeper into DBS

Browse our library of webinars, hosted by experts, specialists, and people living with DBS