DBS: A life-changing treatment for Parkinson's Disease

When you are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD), "progressive" and "degenerative" are words you often hear, which make it hard to find hope. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) offers something better than hope—a treatment option that may reduce PD symptoms and improve quality of life. 

Get the facts about DBS

It’s important to understand and advocate for your Parkinson’s treatment, whether it’s DBS or another solution. Get to know the DBS device and see how it works. Read about the results. And learn why timing is crucial when it comes to DBS implementation. 

Is DBS right for you?

Before you consider DBS, you want to understand every part of the procedure and the device. Is it safe? Are there risks? What results can I expect? We encourage you to research DBS, our device, and first-person testimonials, so you’re comfortable with the solution you’ve chosen for your treatment. 

When is the right time for DBS surgery?

There is an ideal “window” for DBS surgery. In general, it’s best to consider DBS when you’re still responding to levodopa, but are no longer able to control your motor symptoms with medication alone. This timing will differ from person to person, because the path and progression of Parkinson’s is personal. Talk to your doctor in the early stages of treatment, and voice your desire to explore alternatives like DBS as you move through your journey.1 

Interested in learning more about DBS?

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