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Trusted neurologists from around the country have recommended Boston Scientific Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for treatment of Parkinson’s disease (PD). They believe in the results and the science behind our systems.

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Dr. Jerold Vitek, Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology, University of Minnesota, talks about the difference of the Vercise™ DBS System.

How effective is DBS?

Not all people experience PD the same way or at the same progression. The severity, type, and recurrence of any symptom will vary from person to person—as will their response to DBS treatment. In general, DBS allows people living with PD to decrease their medications and experience fewer side effects, such as uncontrolled movements, incontinence, and moodiness.1

96% Patient Satisfaction

If given the chance, 96% of DBS patients would choose to do it again.2

More “ON Time”

DBS provides an additional 6 hours of "ON time" without troublesome dyskinesias compared to medication alone, giving people more control and independence to live life without rigidity or freezing.3

Sustained Results

Marked improvements in motor function are sustained for at least 5 years.4

Less Tremors

People with tremors experience an average of 70% reduction in tremors, depending on its type of location.5

Fewer Pills

One year after DBS, 75% of people reported a decrease in their Parkinson’s medication.6

Clinical evidence

At Boston Scientifc, it’s important we put our technology to the test. To do this, we conducted a multicenter, prospective, double blinded, randomized, trial for DBS, conducted at one-year follow-up appointments, called the INTREPID study.3

One year into treatment, those who used a Boston Scientific DBS System experienced a 51% improvement in their motor function3

DBS patients who used a Boston Scientific DBS System experienced meaningful improvements in their quality of life3

One year into treatment, Boston Scientific DBS patients experienced a 30% decrease in medication3

Over 90% of subjects and clinicians reported improvement in symptoms at 1 year.7

Join the "DBS para PD: la perspectiva de un especialista en trastornos del movimiento " webinar June 21.

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