Resources for your DBS journey

From webinars and videos, to data-packed brochures, we have the knowledge you need along your Parkinson's disease (PD) journey. If you're already implanted, find tips for battery recharging, how to use your remote and more.

New to DBS

If you're living with PD or caring for someone with the disease, we have the resources you need to make an informed decision about Deep Brain Stimulation.

It’s normal to have questions as you consider a therapy like DBS. We’ve compiled a bank of FAQs to help you decide if DBS is right for you.


Get the information you need to understand the DBS procedure, including what to expect from the procedure, how it works, and a description of our Boston Scientific DBS Systems. 

Watch DBS in action by hearing from DBS ambassadors, experts in the field, or viewing one of our instructional videos explaining the procedure.


Living with DBS

If you’re living with a Medtronic or Boston Scientific DBS device, we have tools and resources to help you thrive with your DBS therapy.

It’s normal to have questions after a procedure like DBS. We’ve compiled a bank of FAQs to help as you continue your DBS journey.


Get the information you need to easily use and maintain your Boston Scientific System, including recharging your battery and using your remote.  


See how to use the remote for your DBS System and view our video about easy battery recharging. If you have a Medtronic device, and you’re interested in upgrading to Boston Scientific DBS, watch our “Making the Switch” video.

Online learning for real life living

Log on and learn the latest DBS and Parkinson’s information from the comfort of your home. Hosted by experts from across the country, our webinars cover topics and tips you don’t want to miss. Browse our library today.

American Parkinson’s Disease Association

Watch the APDA’s public service announcement “Look Closer.” The APDA hopes to expand the public’s understanding of PD and provide hope to those already impacted by Parkinson’s.

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